Double Tee Roofing System

Double tees are most commonly used pre-stressed concrete products and a tremendous option for roofing applications where a long and clear span is required like Warehouses, Industrial buildings, Go downs and large car decks. Spans ranging from 25feet to 85 feet can be achieved with Double-Tees and can be used in multi-story buildings as well due to their load bearing quality.



  • – Most suitable and economical solution for roofs having longer spans
  • – Reduced wastage and Quality assurance as they are manufactured in our facilities under strict supervision and quality controls
  • – Pre stressing of steel makes it economical and practicable specially for longer spans
  • – Fast construction and early building occupancy


      1. Manufacturing and erection of 60 feet double-Tee at Al Barkaat Spinning Mill Sheikhupura covering an area of 25000sqft
      2. Manufacturing and erection of 40 feet Double-Tee at GM Rice Mill Sheikhupura
      3. Manufacturing and erection of Double-Tee at Juice Pack Sheikhupura covering an area of 15000sq approximately
      4. Manufacturing and erection of 45 Feet Double-Tee at Mian Rice Mill Sheikhupura
      5. Manufacturing and erection of 50 Feet Double-Tee at Khalid rice mill Nankana covering an area of approximately 25000sqft
      6. Manufacturing and erection of 40 Feet Double-Tee at M Sharif rice mill Nankana covering an area of 35000sqft