Girder Slab Roofing System

Girder Slabs are most appropriate for medium spans. They can provide span up to 35 feet however longer spans can also be achieved with special design arrangements. Our Girder Slabs are designed to carry a load of 100ibs/ft^2.

They can with-stand high loads due to the combination of steel and concrete. The steel wires and strand are initially stressed to compress the concrete in the surrounding which make it economical and resistant to high loads.



  • – Most suitable for roofs having medium spans
  • – Precast roofing solutions are economical, readily available, easily movable and reusable
  • – Reduced wastage and Quality assurance as they are manufactured in our facilities under strict supervision and quality controls
  • – Pre stressing of steel makes it economical and practicable specially for longer spans
  • – Fast construction and early building occupancy